Professional taxation

We provide professional advices on Hong Kong taxation, including individual, property tax and corporate taxes. Starting from understanding the business and the industry, we would provide you with feasible and efficient corporate structure and workflow in view of your tax position.

  • Acting on behalf as Tax Representative
  • Preparing and filing of tax returns
    • Corporate profit tax return filing
    • Profit tax return filing for sole proprietorship and partnership
    • Personal tax return filing (including personal assessment, property tax, applying for allowance and expenses deduction)
  • Preparing and filing of Employer’s Returns on Employees Remuneration (IR56 form)
  • Applying for extension of tax return filing
  • Applying for objection on tax assessment
  • Applying for hold-over of provisional profits tax, tax instalment, tax refund, etc.
  • Tackling Inland Revenue Department’s enquiries, tax field audit and tax investigation
  • Handling tax cases and disputes
  • Provision of tax planning and consultation

Accounting and auditing

Our client portfolio including diversified business: retail & wholesale, property investment, food & beverage, logistics, health & beauty, finance & investment, designing, and professional services.

According to Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance, every limited company incorporated in Hong Kong is required to submit its tax return together with its audited financial statements. We would provide you with free preliminary advice and assessment. A comprehensive proposal with audit fee quotation would be provided according to your circumstances.

  • Bookkeeping on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Handling aged or incomplete financial records
  • Setting up accounting system
  • Trade receivable system and management
  • Procurement system and management
  • Inventory system and management
  • Costing system and management
  • Assist to arrange statutory audit
    • Annual audit
    • Professional advices on financial records
  • Assist to arrange special audit
    • In-depth and specific analysis and improvement suggestions according to your needs and concern

Formation of company

We facilitate both local and foreign investors to register and incorporate either Hong Kong or off-shore company. You can form your own new company or purchase a shelf company, based on your requirements.

  • Formation of Hong Kong limited company
  • Formation of partnership
  • Formation of sole proprietor
  • Formation of oversea company, including British Virgin Island Company (BVI), Bahamas, Cayman Island Company, etc.
  • Assisting in opening bank accounts in Hong Kong
  • Applying for business registration certificate
  • Provision of registered office address 

Company secretarial services

With our timely and accurate service, you have no worry about your annual return or any submission for update corporate/ director information. Saving your time and cost, so that you can focus in your own business operation.

  • Yearly company secretarial services
    • Acting as a Company Secretary for your company
    • Preparation and filing of annual return
    • Preparation of minutes for meetings of directors and shareholders
    • Maintaining update statutory books and records
    • Change of company registered office address and business address
    • Appointment and removal of director and company secretary
    • Change in particulars of director and company secretary
  • Other company secretarial services
    • Increase in capital
    • Allotment of shares
    • Change of company name
    • Transfer of shares
    • Preparation of declaration of trust
    • Nominee shareholders or directorship
    • Changes in Association of Articles
    • Certification of true copies
    • Applying for branch business registration certificate
    • Assisting in opening bank accounts in Hong Kong
  • De-registration of limited company
  • Provision of registered office address 


Registration of a trademark will give you, as the owner of a trademark, the right to prevent third parties from using your mark, or a deceptively similar mark, without your consent for the goods or services for which it is registered or for similar goods or services. FBS provides trademark registration services across the world, and deals with various issues for our clients in the course of trademark registration.

  • Pre-filing trademark search
  • Handling and filing of trademark application to Trade Marks Registry
  • Following up on application
  • Conducting evaluation
  • Applying for trademark registration on different countries
  • Acting on behalf to amend, renew, replace registration certificate, assign or license the trademark
  • Acting on behalf to handle various issues including rejection, review, defense, revocation, opposition or dispute of trademark
  • Acting on behalf to handle infringement or trademark squatting

Corporate administration

Acting on your behalf, FBS can help to arrange payroll distribution and MPF administration. By making one single bank payment to us, all payroll would be directly transferred to the designated bank account of your staff.

  • Payroll services
  • Fund transfer services
  • MPF administration